Welcome. You know what? We are glad you have come to visit. Congratulations on your recent engagement. I bet you're thrilled to begin your planning.  Let's jump right in. Well..... the important stuff is over there to your right. You know, prices and packages. Yep, over there! :)

Now, what you can't see over there., is this. Hi, I'm Lindsey, the owner, and photographer. Ok, I'm the boss of the business, but I am also the mother of 4 kiddos. (They are the boss of me.  Shh, please, don't tell them that. Thanks).  Book your day with a 20% deposit. Final payment one month before the wedding.  Installment plans are available.

We {3 other professional photographers and I} have been shooting weddings since 2010. It is a passion, a love, a joy of being able to tell a story of 2 people in love. 

Now, I could tell you their stories in words, but I think our pictures will speak for themselves. Come on in for a visit!

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